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As a new Vaper, my entry into this cultural phenomena couldn't have come at a more exciting time. With the sheer volume of Vaping Units, E-Juices and Modifications available at my finger tips, it is incredible. Yet, with the incredible  vastness of availability, also comes the insanity of decision.
So, with all of these choices within an arms reach, what do you do? Well, I don't claim to be any type of expert, but thankfully I have friends and co-workers to guide me each step of the way. This blurb and the following blog posts are a simplified culmination of all of that information.
Step 1: Identifying and Selecting Your Vaping Unit
This Is by far the first and foremost important step of your entire journey. If you are undecided here, wait, until you have decided on a unit that speaks to you and your needs. Don't be fooled by flashy metals, digital screens, and modification abilities. Start simple, but strong. There is a healthy balance between services rendered and the cost of those provided services.
The unit recommended to me to begin my journey with was the KangerTech TOGO Mini Starter Kit. This small, yet rugged and robust unit is perfect for starting your venture into the vast, chaotic world of vaping. Supplying you with a compact yet intuitive design is what KangerTech has achieved with the TOGO Mini. Though small, it has substantial weight and a powerful 1600mAh battery unit, hidden within its nearly 100% metal body. The box is packed with a charging USB cord, two coils, and a swath of replacement parts for general upkeep. The Starter Kit is truly that, a start on your way. It is a plug and go setup and it has made my foray that much more of an enjoyable experience.
Check it out, KangerTeach TOGO MINI
Step 2: Identifying Your Taste Pallet and Choosing Your Flavours: Next Blog

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