Scrubber Duckys Starter Kit V3.0

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Product Details

Scrubber Duckys kit includes two duck shaped magnetic scrubbers,  two smaller duck eggs, one micro-egg and one heavy-duty, rubber coated, magnetic outer handle.

Magnetic Water Pipe Scrubbers! Drop a ducky into your water pipe and finally be able to reach those grimy spots you never could before by shaking your piece around with chemical cleaner.

Our NEW Super Scrubber Duckys are washable and feature double-strength magnets! Each Ducky can also be cut to size to fit into smaller water pipes.

To use opposite scrubbing sides, simply flip the outer magnetic handle. Watch your Duckys do backflips! To wash your ducky simply alternate rinsing your dirty duck with Scrubber Duckys BATH WATER and then under HOT tap water.

Duckys are made from Natural, Scratch- free material.

Duckys are safe to use with Scrubber Duckys 'BATH WATER' Glass Cleaner.

Ducky size: 15 mm

Ducky will fit 18mm or larger & most 14mm down-tube openings