Chameleon Glass - Illuminati (Black Light Reactive)

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The Sparkle Marbleized UV Reactive Glass Pipe is a pipe that takes multiple colors of glass, and swirls them together into a marbled appearance.  Fabricated with 25mm Heavy Wall and then built up with huge amounts of color for a substantial and durable glass pipe to last through the ages.

Each Sparkle Marbleized UV Reactive Glass Pipe contains 4 different complimentary colors. Each color combination places three separate colors on different areas of the pipe and schmears them together with UV rod. One of the four colors is always UV reactive Ill-uminati from Northstar Glassworks in Portland, Oregon. At least one of the colors is a chromium based sparkle color which give each piece a whole lotta shimmer and shine. But wait, there’s more! Every time two colors are mixed, a new unique color is created. Think about finger painting when you were a kid; adding Blue to Yellow to make Green. Same concept. The REAL number of colors represented on this piece is not really just four, it’s limitless!

It is a favorite of ours. You will love it, too. 4 color choices include Illuminati with your choice of: Red/Amber Purple/Mighty Moss, Blue Moon/Amber Purple/Mighty Moss, Unobtanium/Amber Purple/Pink, or Red/Amber Purple/Tangie

Hand Made in the USA