KangerTech TOGO Mini Starter Kit

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It was only a matter of time till we began to see the emergence of ultra compact AIO (all-in-one) devices on the vaping hardware market.

There are a few factors driving this new trend, and regulatory constraints are certainly among them; the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is most directly influential on the emergence of hardware in this configuration and size class…mandating limits of 2ml on e-liquid capacity, among other restrictions.

KangerTech has responded to this environment beautifully with the KangerTech Togo Mini.

Opening the box, you’ll find a manual, a quick tutorial on how to verify the QR code on the box, the mod itself, a micro-USB charging cable wearing a sheath that’s been color-matched to the mod, and a small, sealed bag containing o-rings and other miscellanea (including everyone’s favorite tiny blue screwdriver).

Features and Specs

The Togo Mini features an integrated 1600mAh Li-Ion battery along with an integrated tank with a capacity listed at 1.9ml. The Togo Mini comes in one of three colors—black, orange, or red—and features a wide bore 510 drip tip.

On the front edge of the device is a flush-mounted firing button, and on the top of the device is a battery charge level indicator, which informs the user of remaining battery life in the form of an array of five white LEDs.

The integrated tank packs in a “plunger” style atomizer head assembly. The coil head itself is screwed into the bottom of the airflow chimney, and the entire assembly is submerged in e-liquid secured and stored in the tank. This is why, although the entire interior volume of the tank may be approximately 3.5-3.8ml, only 1.9ml of that volume is usable for filling with e-liquid.

Filling beyond the maximum fill line marked on the exterior of the device will cause insertion of the atomizer assembly to displace e-liquid, resulting in a spillage.

A fairly wide, tall cutout in the mod allows the user to monitor the level of e-liquid in the tank. On the right side of the mod (if you have the firing button facing away from you) you’ll find the micro-USB charging port.

Ergonomics and Performance

As was mentioned above, the Togo Mini is available in one of three colors. However, in all color options, the finish has a very grippy texture—it took me a moment to find the right adjective for it; it’s a slightly rubbery, speckled, and overall just grippy texture. The Togo Mini will not slip and slide in your hand, and that’s a plus.

The firing button is mounted on the front edge of the device, which offers the user what some might call an ‘intuitive’ grip, while using such a physically diminutive piece of hardware. And this thing is indeed tiny, as are other examples from this class of devices. It will easily fit into a closed fist, although I strongly recommend against attempting to “stealth” vape with it. Not just for ethical reasons, but for practical reasons as well.

Since the Togo Mini is compatible with Kanger’s CLOCC atomizer heads, performance from the Togo Mini is, to understate things slightly, surprising. Lung hits from the Togo Mini will not outstrip the performance envelope of these heads, and while you may not fog a room with vapor from it, you’re not going to be vaping “under the radar” with it, either.

This little monster can produce very respectable clouds for something so small.

Flavor fidelity and throat hit, likewise, are on point—nicotine satisfaction, on the other hand is going to be highly dependent on your choice of e-liquid. It’s recommended that with any device in this size class, stepping up your nicotine from the milligram count you’d normally use on high wattage devices would be beneficial. We are, after all, talking about a device that comes with a 1 ohm NiChrome Kanger CLOCC atomizer head, and is also compatible with sub-ohm CLOCC heads, as well.

Battery life from the Kanger Togo Mini, under moderate use, raked in approximately five to five-and-a-half hours between charging. I actually found myself refilling the tank before I needed to think about recharging, so if you take it out and about, take a unicorn bottle of e-liquid with you for that purpose; as with all devices of this size,.