McCoy Oilers - Reynolds Ultra Low Drag Rig

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The McCoy Oilers Reynolds Ultra Low Drag Rig gets it’s name from the fluid and aero dynamic drag equations bearing the same name. I was at a secret cup listening in on a dab specific discussion about how hard some of the rigs were to hit from and decided to bust out my old fluid and aero dynamics books and take a crack at designing an extract specific apparatus from the ground up to solely isolate and eliminate the drag issue. The keys turned out to be limiting surface tension of the water-air interface and maintaining a rounded air passage free of sharp edges that cause flow inhibiting turbulence. The bulb of the main perc chamber addresses the tension issue while the sleeved dazy perc provides the ‘edge-less’ air pathway that limits turbulence.  This is The Real McCoy in low drag percolation.

You can also fill the bottom chamber, but, that adds drag. I stumbled upon a bit of a surprise during testing: not all domeless nails are created equal in the drag department, so, we are shipping this model with the domeless nail I found to have the least inherent drag, a 19mm female quartz domeless.

Flower lovers don’t despair, while designed specific to extracts, flower works fine with a female jointed bowl, which also comes included with this piece.

Hand Made in the USA