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YoCan Evolve Plus XL Silver

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The YoCan Plus XL is cutting edge all-in-one the offers the utmost for quick and discreet session for on the go.

No more sticky thread to screw on or off,  the Evolve Plus XL introducing a modern vaporizer design with magnetic connections between atomizer tube and base, saving your time. It is an evolution forward in vaping, improving all the ways that a vaporizer is used every day.

The Evolve plus XL features a unique QUAD coil technology by using 4 quartz rod coils, made for giant clouds and hits, perfect for cloud chasers which is hard to come by. The quartz rod allows for pure and clean vapor that sticks with the original scent and flavor of the stuff, preferred by many vapors for that reason. The coil is also with the coil cap to prevent messy leaks. 

The adjustable air flow valve, lets you customize and control the amount of vapor being inhaled to optimize your experience. Meet the demands of any type of user whether new or advanced. You can choose how you want your vaporizer to hit.